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About Us

We apply technology innovation to problems that have social relevance. Our product SMART VISION GLASSES, a wearable device for the blind/visually impaired using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, and Machine Learning. Our venture is based on life satisfaction approaches based on the number of blind and visually impaired who can benefit from the device that allows them to see virtually. We are passionate about assisting society with our innovative product, which is designed to bring a new companion into the lives of people with vision impairment.

Captain DJ Raju
Founder & Director

Ramu Muthangi
Founder & CEO


Operation Areas

We are operational in different countries like US, Australia, Bangladesh, Germany, Kuwait. Our mission is to develop an affordable wearable device for the blind/visually impaired and those with low vision that will make a difference in their lives, facilitate advancement, and allow them to live with independence and dignity.